Our values

  • The quality

To offer the best products to our customers in order to better meet their expectations. Thus, we pay particular attention to the selection of our raw materials.

As quality is our priority, we have chosen to invest in high-performance machines at the cutting edge of technology, such as in new manufacturing, finishing and packaging lines, making it possible to ensure quality maintenance of our products.

Driven by a real desire for conquest, commitment and success, TIZIRI Ceramica carries out quality control at each stage of production: from the purchase of raw materials to customer delivery. This mastery of the process allows us to offer distinctive tiles of very high quality.

  • Innovation

Involved in a permanent innovation policy, our objective is to constantly look to the future to anticipate and predict the products of tomorrow.

This dynamic is driven by the staff of our company and by the constant desire to improve technicality. Guarantees of reflection and distinction vis-à-vis the competition, our ongoing quality certification processes validate our performance.

  • Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities. We believe that a satisfied customer is a customer-ambassador with whom we will build a lasting relationship. This is why we establish a solid, useful and mutually beneficial customer service, and a healthy relationship based on an open, serious and professional exchange.